1Password not auto filling apps on Android Samsung S7

Ok I'm new, and have attempted to setup 1Password on my Android Samsung Galaxy S7. I got 1Password to startup using my fingerprint which is fine. Then I enabled "Autofill" as recommended on the settings. They also recommend turning on Accessibility, but I stopped right there.
Because a huge warning came up. If I enable (turn on) accessibility for 1Password, then SECURE Startup becomes disabled! That means when my phone reboots, anyone can get in, because there will be no PIN, or Password required and that I DO NOT WANT TO ALLOW!
So is this the only way 1Password will work, by me disabling SECURE STARTUP on my phone?

I tried to test it on my apps, and it's as of 1Password doesn't exists. Even though on a PC it works fine, on my phone an app like EBAY which is part of the 1Password login/profiles I have save via my PC. Nothing happens.

So I enabled "Autofill" on my android Samsung Galaxy 7, Android Version 8.0, Samsung Experience version 9.0...

But when I go to open for example the "Ebay" app on my phone. Nothing happens?
I click Login, and 1Password never pops up or auto fills anything.
In fact it's like it's not there.

I login to Ebay app, and it asks for a thumb print, which I give it and then the App Fails. As if the password or thumb print is invalid.

The only way to login, is to
1. Open 1Password, select to copy the password for Ebay to the clipboard.
2. Login to the Ebay app and manually put it my LOGIN ID manually.
3. Then finally PASTE the password.

So tell me now, what or why is 1Password not auto filling any app on my phone? In fact the only way I can login to Apps that have 1Password saved, is to repeat the 3 steps I mentioned.
Is this how it's supposed to work?? I don't think so, so I need your help.

I don't think there is a video or tutorial covering the issue? Or is there? Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: 7.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 8.0
Sync Type: Not Provided


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