Eschew TOTP (authenticator app) in favor of hardware key

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I recently setup 2FA on 1password. I setup my hardware key, but 1P still asks for the TOTP (Google Authenticator) before it asks for the hardware key. Is there any way to not need the TOTP, and only use the hardware key? The 1P 2FA UI just says, "Replace" next to the Authenticator app instead of "Remove".


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    Hi @mallyvai! Welcome to the forum!

    It is currently not possible to completely remove TOTP from your account, because not every 1Password client supports hardware keys yet. Until they do, we need to keep the option to use TOTP to avoid being locked out on those platforms.

    When you try to login to your account and are prompted for your OTP, can you choose your hardware key instead and force it to use that method? I wonder if then, the next time you login, it will default to asking you your security key since that's the method you used the last time.

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