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When I enter a login using the Chrome extension, it often enters the wrong information. For instance, I changed my Gmail password a couple of weeks ago and made sure it was updated in the 1Password main app window. When I log in to Gmail using the Chrome extension, it apparently enters the old password, because I get an error message from Gmail saying something like "Incorrect password. Your password was changed X days ago." If I open up the 1Password application and copy&paste the password from there, the login works. Is the Chrome plugin using some kind of cache that isn't getting updated?


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    Welcome to the forums, Oolfanska! Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    You can edit the item to view the password right in the extension and verify for yourself if the data is the same or not.

    If the data is not matching, that could be because you either changed your master password or due to being behind a proxy server.

    What versions of (1) 1Password, (2) Chrome, and (3) extension are you using?

    Have you recently changed your master password?

    Are you behind a proxy server?

    Does the extension show the correct data in Safari? (You can install it to test if you don't already have the extension installed in Safari.)

    Please let me know.

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