I have 3 requests for features:
1. In the browser screen for each login, there information at the top, and then editing information on the bottom. I request that all information, including editing and saving, be placed at the top so my eye will have just one place to look, instead of roaming the screen to see where the controls are.
2. I know that has been brought up before, but it would be very beneficial if logging in would unlock both the browser extension and the desktop. I know that there is an older browser extension that can be used, but I'd like to see the desktop and 1PX extension work together.
3. Last, I'd like to see have an A-Z list with the logins. I know that there is a search feature, but really, just an A-Z column is so much easier.
Thanks, Jerry

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hey Jerry,

    Thanks for these suggestions. #2 is definitely on the radar, though I couldn't say when that might materialize. There are a number of things ahead of it, and we haven't completed testing on Mac yet. I'll pass along the thoughts re: #1 and #3.


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