URI Identification

Just wondering how URI identification is working and if I can somehow take influence.

Say I have a bunch of servers, all with different credentials:


1password X offers me the credentials of all four servers, probably for the identical domain name, dom.ain.com.
As it is okay for four servers, it's no fun with a few dozen ...
Is there a way to direct 1password X to consider the complete name?

Or to go one step further:


Almost the same: I'd like the full URI (webpage) to be taken into account for selecting credentials from the vault.

At least optionally ... is this somewhere configurable?

Hope it's not too confusing :blush:


1Password Version: ?
Extension Version: 1.20
OS Version: LM20 / Vivaldi Browser
Sync Type: 1password


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @basurerito

    The only factor in considering if something is a suggestion or not would be the domain (in this case, ain.com). The list should sort based on closest match though, so if you're on server1.dom.ain.com/customer3, the item with that exact URL on it should appear in the list ahead of server1.dom.ain.com/customer2. The behavior of suggesting based on the domain is not customizable, but you can influence the sort order in that way.


  • @Ben .. thanks for the quick response. :+1:

    This behaviour is okay. Then I probably just mis-read the list in my case. I will have an eye on that :blush:

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    If you do find that the suggestion list is not sorting as expected please let us know... I've heard a couple of reports but I'm not sure we've ever gotten specifics in order to track down whatever difficulty said customers were having. :)


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