How do I transfer passwords from Apple keychain to 1password?

I want to move from keychain to 1password. I did search Google. It says that the best way is to transfer one-by-one. So, when you log in to a website with keychain, 1password should come up and ask to store the password, so the passwords are slowly copied. But that doesn't happen. Keychain fills in the password, and 1password doesn't do anything. For the few websites where I have the password in both keychain and 1password, keychain fills in the password, not 1password. The only time it works is when I create a new login (like here for agilebits). Then 1password pops up and allows me to generate/store the password. So far I have only been able to transfer 2 passwords.

How can I smoothly move from keychain to 1password? I'm still on a 30 day trial, but I need to be able to move my many passwords in keychain to 1password.

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Sync Type: 1password
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  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    @ahostmadsen ,

    Do you have iCloud Keychain enabled? If so, you can use the Get_Safari12_Passwords script in the converter suite to pull all of your logins / ;passwords. I assume you're on a Mac since posting here in the Mac section.

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