Feature Request: Ability to disable entry in 1password

I searched through the forums but I was unable to find this feature request. I'd like the ability to disable an entry or mark an login/password as expired.

The reason for this is I have canceled accounts that I'd like to keep around, specifically I'd like to keep their details around, I'm okay with them showing up in searches, but I'd ideally like them grayed out or something so they are visibly different. In addition, I'd prefer that they don't auto fill.

Another way I could see doing this is customizable tag options per tag. For example, If I tag an entry with something like "Expired". I can configure the "Expired" tag to show up differently (formatting) or prevent them from autofilling.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @philjc! Welcome to the forum!

    The way many people do this (myself included), is to create a separate Archive vault, where you can move all the items you don't need anymore, but which you would still like to keep around. You can then set this Archive vault to not show up in searches, so you will only see the items inside it if you specifically open that vault.

  • Thank You!

    That was my initial thought, but it doesn't work well with shared vaults. I also don't like how moving passwords between vaults creates a trash entry. I really think adding "tag" options would be a really useful features.

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

    Team Member

    Hey @philjc, we do have a feature request open for an actual ability to do some sort of archival of items, so I will add your name to that request. :smile: In the meantime, you could perhaps always create distinct Archive vaults, like Archive and Shared Archive or something. But I do hear you — I actually have struggled with what to do with shared, old items, too.

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#50

  • Awesome! Thanks @ag_michaelc & @ag_ana

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Thank you for bringing this up @philjc .
    Let us know if there's anything else we can help with. :chuffed:

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