Can 1Password interfere with computer cloning/password connectivity

I recently upgraded to a new computer (Windows 10), and had my old computer cloned to the new one, including full-disk encryption. I am experiencing sign-on problems (password related) in both Outlook (using local email as well as gmail) and also a cloud-based practice management system. Is it possible that 1Password is somehow interfering with these sign-ons in the changeover? If so, please provide any tips ... and/or show me how to turn off 1Password temporarily to clear out any problems. Thanks -

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    Hi @MGlass! Welcome to the forum!

    1Password would not interfere in this scenario: 1Password does not do anything other than storing your credentials for you, and helping you to fill them on websites.

    I am experiencing sign-on problems (password related)

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by this? Are you getting error messages that say that your passwords are wrong when you try to login?

    ref: EDP-99168-664

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