State restoration: Folders displayed in Categories

Penelope PitstopPenelope Pitstop Junior Member
Is this bug reproducible?

Not reliably.

Which devices did this bug appear on and is it reproducible on any devices?


A quick summary of the bug:

Navigation completely broken in landscape orientation after extended use of 1PW. Specifically when you select categories the folders list is displayed. If you select folders the last selected category list is displayed. If you switch to portrait orientation then the problem doesn't exist but switching back to landscape and you get it again.

Detailed Step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it:

I can't find a procedure to reliably recreate the issue but I've experienced it several times today. Quitting the app from the fast switcher seems to rectify the problem.


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    edited December 2012
    Vault redrawing should have been improved in the last couple beta builds. I wonder if that would help with this issue. Please let me know if you are still seeing it happen in the current build.
  • Penelope PitstopPenelope Pitstop Junior Member
    Hi Khad, yes I do see it but not as often. Again, quitting the app from the switcher seems to fix it.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    After I posted that I actually had the exact same thing happen to me. I'm glad I circled back to this and reread it. A lightbulb went on. "Oh, that's the issue I just saw myself and filed a moment ago." :)

    Hopefully we can get this resolved soon as there doesn't seem to be any way around it other than completely restarting the app which is not good.
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