🌟 1Password for Windows 7.6.782 Beta is out

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Hi guys,

We're continuing to focus on bug fixes and polishing 1Password from the last major release. Here is the list of bug fixes:

7.6.782 released on 09/17/2020

[IMPROVED] Updated our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions. {OPW-4878}
[IMPROVED] Improved our sync resilience when dealing with conflict resolution and item usage reporting. {OPW-4822}
[FIXED] 1Password incorrectly treated the version field in Software License items as timestamps to localize in the item list. {OPW-4906}

7.6.781 released on 08/13/2020

[FIXED] If Firefox's Picture in Picture window was open, using the 1Password shortcut to fill would not work. {OPW-4893}
[FIXED] Opening and filling a site from the main 1Password window would sometime trigger a loop of duplicated tabs being opened and submitted. {OPW-4889}
[FIXED] Saving multiple large Secure Note items caused 1Password to crash. {OPW-4881}
[FIXED] An unexpected sync error caused 1Password to go into a loop of attempts to resolve the sync conflict if it didn't succeed. It will now stop after the first attempt. {OPW-4896}
[FIXED] Fixed a few crashes from the submitted crash reports, thank you for submitting them! If you can reproduce a crash, do write in to us to help us fix them quickly. Crash reports are anonymous and certain crashes can be unique to your computer. {OPW-4897, OPW-4881, OPW-4895, OPW-4899}

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