Potential for wifi sync err iTunes File syncing

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Hey Roustem,

I wanted to gather some details here. I also posted here as this beta thread is currently well beta and not everyone can see our discussions etc. while in the design experimental phase.

You mentioned in the open discussions aka open forum that you potentially may have a solution.

Questions :

1) Can this sync work when for example I dont have a net connection and I need to sync my phone etc ?
2) Can this work while still using Dropbox or would it potentially cause problems ?
3) Would this also necessitate the need for iCloud syncing ?

I would not mind helping test so long as it doesn't cause other issues. ie mainly borking Dropbox :) I do travel to some remote areas and generally I am always up to date on my data. But those areas are some times like going back 25 years. So even though its a slim thing for me I could also benefit from it.

If you do work out something let me know. Since I am already in the beta you got me if you need me. Like you even had to ask :P
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