1Password Development Preview 0.8.3


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Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to a new week and new version of 1Password for Linux!

This week we have done a lot of under the hood refinements with a couple of bug fixes while we continue to build the next wave of big features.

A big thank you to all of the users who participated in the development preview survey. We are analyzing the data and will use that to guide our priorities in the coming weeks.

Did you know?

You can see who has access to an item by clicking the item location bar. This will show you where an item is and who can access the item. With any luck the Move button there will work in the not-too-distant-future.

New and Improved

  • Start 1Password without showing its main window with the --silent command argument. !2915
  • Improved 1Password database operations to be more resilient. !2884
  • Watchtower's accuracy has been improved to correctly categorize items. #2359
  • When creating multiple new collections, we now append numbers to the default titles. !2925
  • 1Password will show why it was locked on the lock view. #2383
  • 1Password now supports zooming with the Control/Command + and Control/Command -, both with and without the shift key. #2531

Installing and Upgrading

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

Thank you to everyone who is providing feedback on this journey! Our development team will be active in this forum so when you find issues please let us know here.

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