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This is mainly aimed at support so some of you guys may get a little lost :)

This mainly is my experience and I do not think anyone may ever be able to figure it out. At this point I am leaning to user error :P

Mike in particular may be able to follow along a little more in this discussion as we conversed for a while about related topic's via email. Given the email logs to support option is handing out auto replies, I figured it may be best to put it here rather than submit it via email.


Mike we discussed the ability to open .eml attachments early on. For a brief few occurrences I was able to open them in mail as a fluke we assume.

I made a back up of my keychain, on a Sunday afternoon (approx. 1 month ago) and proceeded to convert all of my items to .pdf.

Prior to this I was able to sync with no thrown errors in 1P4 i.e.. the red ! point on the Dropbox icon etc.

Once I converted the attachments. I always receive those sync errors. I can only guess it may be due to a size issue with the .pdf vs .eml attachments though looking at my keychain before and after there is only about 24MB difference. Maybe something to do with the Dropbox API I don't know.

For all I know I borked something in my keychain during the mass conversion to .pdf format.

Anyway During that conversion or at some point there about I received a lot of conflicted copies. Lots of them... many more so than I have received in the last year or two combined maybe 3 years. I proceed to clean them up manually as my keychain ballooned to well over 175 MB.

I decided to do 2 things go back to the old keychain as an experiment and I have exported all newer entires from my current keychain. I imported them back into the older keychain. I have some deletions to do as I have removed some items but thats about it. Oh I also found a note I must have inadvertently deleted during that mass conversion of attachments. I can almost without any doubt say the note deletion was a user error thing.

So for me it may be a good thing I just wanted to pass it along for what ever value to you guys.

BTW Dropbox is syncing away and throwing no errors even if I remove and re sync. I know this could also be a fluke as how the API sometimes returns errors when it is actually busy etc.

Moral of the story alway keep good backups. They may come in handy. :)
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