This Week @ 1Password [#6]: Sixth Gray Pirate Skull 💀


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Ahoy, mateys! We 'ave made it ta’ yet another Wednesday!

Let's raise ta’ anchor an' sail right into what we've been up to aboard ta’ 1Password-Ship this here week. 🏴‍☠️

1Password for Linux 🐧

This weeks release contains just a few key fixes, as our team is all-hands-on-deck making it possible for you to edit your items within 1Password for Linux.

With that being said, 1Password for Linux now uses Interfont for readability in both sans-serif and monospace text. Because we bundle the font, the application will be readable even if you break all the fonts on your system. Trust me, Savanni knows about breaking all of the fonts pretty well… 😜

1Password for iOS 📱

The latest 1Password for iOS Beta features a brand-spanking-new Strong Password Generator! The new generator sports a simplified interface, making it easier than ever to get the strongest password possible. And that’s not all — there’s also a new PIN generator option!

I can’t wait to see this one in the full release. If you’re in the 1Password for iOS Beta, make sure to get in touch with us on our discussions forum to let us know if you have any feedback.

1Password for Android 🤖

Over in Android-land, we’ve got some more helpful additions lined up for your enjoyment! To help you remember your Master Password, we've added a setting where you can require your Master Password instead of biometrics or PIN code after a set period. We’ve also made some much needed improvements to work profile configurations, in addition to resolving an error with updating some items with numeric fields.

1Password Web App 🌐

This week our Web App team was hard at work pushing out four more updates for us to enjoy! You’ll notice that we’ve moved the emergency kit download to the signup flow and simplified wording a bit more, in addition to making that signup flow a little easier to use on smaller screens.

Likewise, we’ve also changed the confirmation phrase when deleting vaults, people, and groups to be the Master Password, and now the authorized devices list now shows the OS version number if available.

Gold medals two weeks in a row? I think so! 🏅

Bug Fix of the Week 🐞

This one definitely goes to out to our Android Team this week, as for a bit now, we’ve received reports of sync getting “stuck” when two-factor authentication was required — but NO MORE!

This one has finally been squashed for good, and that’s definitely worth celebrating in my book. 🎉

Random But Memorable 🎙 (or not?)

While there’s no new episode of Random But Memorable this week, our crew is down in the galley, cooking up a very special episode for next week’s release. Keep your eyes (or ears?) peeled. They’ll be back!

That’s all for this week, but make sure you tune in right here again next week to see what we’ve been up to, and we will catch you then! 💙🔐

— Blake and the 1Password Team

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