Rich Icons disappear when scrolling on iPhone 3GS

Thought I'd jump in here rather than start a new topic. Using an iPhone 3gs and latest IOS. The icons appear on the first screen in the logins section. As soon as I scroll up or down the icons go and I just have the keyhole icon showing. "Show Rich Icons' is turned on - toggling doesn't do anything. Works OK on iPhone 4s.

Also sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere.


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    Hey Catcher,

    I genuinely appreciate your effort to not start a new thread since it was closely related to the other one, but I think the issue you describe it separate. I want to make sure it gets our full attention and doesn't get lost in the other thread. :)

    This is not something that I have seen reported before, but it is interesting that you say it only happens on your 3GS. I'll try to find someone on the team with a 3GS to test. It is working as well on my iPhone 5 as you say it is on your iPhone 4S. It may take more time than usual to get a reply due to the holiday, but we'll reply as soon as possible.

    Happy Holidays!
  • Hiya and thanks for the response. I've just un-installed the app and the Dropbox app although I believe that DB doesn't have anything to do with rich icons - no change. Well there is, DB in now not playing nicely :)

    I can see there are some fixes for this but I'll hang on for a bit, it's not desperate.

    Sadly the holidays here are over.
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    We have been able to reproduce this. There is difficulty loading thumbnails on iPhone 3GS. The image cache also appears to be memory limited so that actions such as scrolling quickly wipe it out.

    I've passed this along to the developers so we can hopefully resolve it in an update.

    Thank you for reporting this!
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