Is it necessary to have a 1Password.html Dropbox "Link"

I was just cleaning up some stuff on my Dropbox, and decided to look at "Links".

I noticed that the 1Password.html file appears under this section. See Screenshot

Is it needed? If not, can I remove the link without any problems with syncing? If I remove the link, I should still be able to use 1Password Anywhere by going into the folder where 1Password.html actually lives right?




  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot
    Hello sumocomputers

    Yes you can break the link, it is not needed. Actually a link to the html file will not work. As the entire keychain is needed for it to work (1Password Anywhere).

    Yes you can still use 1Password Anywhere by going directly to the folder.

    Breaking the link will have no effect on syncing of your devices.
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