In-app browser question

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UPDATE: Going to the home page seems to solve the problem.

I´m new to 1PW and working my way through the app.

I was trying out the log-in feature using 1Browser. I entered a banking site from the login page. The username and password entered correctly. However, on clicking enter, the site told me that I couldn´t enter because the browser would not accept cookies--and it then directed me to get an id code and then enter it. Did so, but it said it couldn´t complete my request. (I went directly to the login page instead of the home page. Might that be the cause?) In my normal web browser, I entered and there was no problem.


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    Thank you for the update. It seems like it could be the website related issue. Is there anything special in the URL? In some cases the URL might contain the web session information and it will be incorrect when you try to use this URL later. I had a similar issue with with Apple Store online login page.
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