Unexpected quit of 1Password on iPad

Hi, I just fired up 1Password on my iPad for the first time tonight -- twice in 10 minutes it just closed itself, I got a message that the application unexpected quit and asked if I'd like to submit a report, which I also did, twice. I've stopped using it as I'm concerned this isn't good.

Are my data and all my passwords safe? That's a huge concern.

Second concern, any idea what's going on?

Thx, Sean


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    Thanks for taking the time to report this issue Sean.

    First, your data should be safe. I haven't seen any instances of data loss from crashes. With that said, it's always always always a great idea to have good backups. For instance, once I was doing some cleanup and deleted a bunch of entries that I was sure I didn't need. A few months later I found I needed one of the accounts so I jumped back to an old backup to find it. As far as I know, I don't think anyone has ever complained about having too many backups :)

    Second, I know of two relatively common crashes in version 4.0.3. The one affects iPhone the most and the other has to do with refreshing table lists on both iPhone and iPad. I'm guessing you're hitting the refresh issue, but honestly, it shouldn't be happening this often. In fact, we cannot recreate the issue at all so it's been a pain to track down. We made some changes in 4.1 that we hope will fix this issue, but since we cannot recreate the crash, it's hard to know if we fixed it for certain.

    Is there anything in particular you are doing when 1Password crashes? Is it in the middle of a sync when this is happening? Or perhaps you're performing a certain task that crashes consistently? Any info you can give us would be great.

  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your response and my apologies for taking this long to reply, I have been away dealing with various issues and haven't had a chance to check personal emails/messages for some time.

    To the best of my knowledge (and/or memory) I was not doing anything specific, or something that is repeatable, that said it was only two instances before I stopped, but I do know that I wasn't refreshing.

    I'm glad that you feel that data wasn't lost, I will proceed with caution and let you know (here?) if I notice any repeatable actions that lead to a crash.

    Many thanks, and Happy New Year, Sean
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    On behalf of Dave, you are quite welcome! Please do let us know if you have any more details to report. We'll keep an eye on things in the meantime.

    Happy New Year!
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