Bug: quick unlock code forever ..

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In the last beta (and perhaps also in b6) i see that when setup the quick unlock code and time 30 minutes the quick unlock code works also after 30 minutes ... and not asks the general password anymore ... anyone ?


  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    Please see if it works better in 4.1b8. Thanks!
  • faceface Member
    I see that we've now 2 different 'selector' one for general password and one for quick one: i've now select both to 30 minutes. But, frankly, i'm a bit confused how to use them, in case of selection of 2 different times ... one (general) overwrite the other (quick) ?
  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    Yes, the Master Password will take over the Quick Unlock Code. It means that the master password timeout must always be bigger than the unlock code timeout.
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    ehm and if i setup both with the same timeout (in my case both 30 minutes) ?
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    What is the meaning of the Never setting on the Master Password timer?

    I get that you are trying to give users more fine grained control over the timing of the use of the various unlock mechanisms but I don't find the existence of the two timers very intuitive. Probably because I don't understand the relationship between them. It is not obvious from the UI.

    I was comfortable with the Quick Unlock Code persisting until 1PW was forced out of RAM. What settings do I use to get that behaviour?
  • Jeff ShinerJeff Shiner AgileBits Admin

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    There are two separate auto-lock timer settings now.

    One which controls how long 1Password remains idle before you are requested to enter your Master Password. A second which controls how long 1Password remains idle before you are requested to enter your Quick Unlock Code.

    For example:

    If you set the Master Password to "request after: 10 minutes" and your Quick Unlock Code to "request after: 2 minutes" you will be prompted to unlock 1Password with the Quick Unlock Code if 1Password has been idle for more than 2 minutes but less than 10 minutes. If it has been idle for longer than 10 minutes it will request the Master Password.

    Selecting "Never" for the Master Password unlock setting means that, once unlocked, 1Password will not request the Master Password regardless of how long 1Password has stayed idle. Of course once it is force out of RAM or 1Password is quit altogether it will open and request your Master Password.

    So for your scenario, you want 1Password to use the Quick Unlock Code until forced or quit. The following settings could be used.

    Master Password - request after: set to Never
    Quick Unlock Code - enabled - request after: XX mins (choose whichever time you feel comfortable for idle lock timeout)
    Lock on Exit - ON (if you want to have 1Password request your Quick Unlock Code when switching between 1Password and another app)
    Lock on Exit - OFF (if you do not want 1Password to lock while switching between apps)
  • Penelope PitstopPenelope Pitstop Junior Member

    Thank you for the explanation. I think the word "Never" is therefore a little confusing. Might I suggest it be changed to "On Quit" or something that more accurately reflects the behaviour of that setting?
  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    On Quit isn't accurate since it's referring to when you leave 1Password to another app and it'll conflict with the Lock on Exit feature.

    We'll look into finding a better replacement. On Memory Exit doesn't work too well either, but that's the best one so far.

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