Feature request: prefill browser _history_

ftfftf Junior Member
I'm beginning to like the new in app browser, but I think it could be made much more comfortable to use.
If the history / URL suggestions would be pre filled with the URLs from all the saved logins the user experience
would improve nicely. No more guessing or wandering back to the login to lookup the correct URL would
result in a more fluent surf session.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @ftf,

    I'm glad you like the new browser. The History/URL suggestions are something we'd like to do in a future update.

    In the latest 4.2 betas, we've added the Login Bookmarks feature on the iPads, which lets you search for a Login item to go and fill. That means you select the item from here and 1Password will automatically open the page and fill in for you.

    Login Bookmarks

    We hope to bring it over to the iPhones and expand more features for the browsers, it's just going to get better over time.

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