Blacklisting passwords?

Hi, I was wondering if there's any way to blacklist a password, so it would never be generated / suggested to me again by 1password?

Background: I had an account on and the wiki has been compromised. So there's now a real possibility, that someone has my email address and the unique password I used for this site. The wiki in question likely hasn't used a strong password storage (like salted hashes, etc.), so it was probably easy to recover the clear text password.

While I didn't use the password one any other site, I'd like to avoid ever using this password again in the future, as it's linked to my email address, which is going to stay the same for a long time.

I know that this is an edge-case and given a long enough password length it's unlikely I ever get suggested the same password. But there's enough sites out there, who insists on passwords with a maximum length of 5-8 characters and those are the ones that are also likely easier targets for hackers.

Overall: Low priority / wishlist. Just thought I mention the idea.
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