Trying something new: featurecasts. Did one for Web Mode, what do you think?

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Hey everyone! I'm trying something new to help people wrap their head around some of the awesomeness in 1Password, and I call it a "featurecast." It's not a podcast, not quite a full screencast—just something short 'n sweet to get the idea across in video form as an alternative to screenshots and smoke signals.

Mind checking it out and then putting together some words, perhaps even an entire sentence, about how terrible it is?




  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot

    I kinda enjoyed it. Well done IMHO. No note on terrible or anything like that. Kinda catchy jingle music, brought back memories of a cool sumer day, Andy Griffith and Mayberry.

    The only thing I have to say is I have watched it 3 times now trying to get the jingle out of my head. Its stuck in there.
  • I like the idea and the content. It makes sense to communicate short information demonstratively using video.

    Without switching to full screen mode, though, I could not really tell what was going on. All action is taking place on an iPhone (or iPad) screen which occupies a small portion of the right hand side of the frame. More than 2/3 of the screen is wasted for the entire screencast.

    From a Tufte point of view, a huge amount of the bandwidth of your chosen medium has been wasted.

    Perhaps this is an argument in favor of Vertical Video Syndrome? Or maybe zooming in and out on parts of the interface as screencasts sometimes do?
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    Thanks for the feedback! We'll see how we can improve in the next featurecast. :)
  • melgmelg Junior Member
    I liked the idea and the execution. Hope you'll pursue it with some other features.

  • Chris100Chris100
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    Yes, and even though I offered constructive criticism, I did like the content and idea.

    In fact, I passed the link on to my less technically-inclined spouse.

    I think it is very brave (and unique) of Agile Bits to place your customers in such high regard that you relish constructive criticism and even *request it*. Having interacted with, and even worked for, other software companies, I can say that this is an attitude that is not always shared. Indeed, any form of criticism (of the product and especially of product marketing) is often viewed as a nuisance.

    Good job.
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    If I didn't know any better, I'd think you worked here. Warms my heart to read your words. Thanks, Chris. What a great start to my forum replies for today! :D
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