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  • I've been getting weird bugs with folders in the newest 4b20 beta. For me, I'll add existing items to a folder and it'll read empty folder in Spanish instead of the item I put in it.

    Also, there are some folders I've added items to that don't update the number of items in the folder. They say they are empty when try have 4 items in each.

    Lastly, a suggestion, can you let us sort the order of the items in the folders instead of just alphabetical or allow an option for how we want to sort them?
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    Hi there,

    That's a strange bug. I'm not able to reproduce it. Can you tell me a bit more about, which device is this on and are you syncing with another 1Password app?

    In addition, can you restart the 1Password app completely and see if it makes any differences. The way to restart an application on iOS is:
    1) Press the Home button twice, it'll bring up the app switcher
    2) Find 1Password, tap and hold it for a few seconds till you see the red "-" mark shows up
    3) Tap the "-" mark to close the app
    4) Press the home button to get rid to the app switcher
    5) Open 1Password and see if it'll work better now

    Please let me know how it turns out.

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