Can't get 1Password to update itself -- bitdefender problem

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I have asked for tech support at bitdefender, and am getting nowhere. Any one here getting this to work?



  • I have read the thread on how to handle this for other virus software, but can't figure out how to do it with bitdefender. The folks at bitdefender are not being particularly helpful. Has anyone gotten this combo to work? I may need to abandon 1Password use on my laptop if I can't figure this out, which will make me sad.

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    Hi Robk,

    Have you disabled the anti-phishing feature within BitDefender? Please read this topic from BitDefender's forums.

    The issue is that we use websockets between the browser extensions and the main 1Password app to communicate and sync your data.

    Websockets is a legit powerful web standard that's growing rapidly, however BitDefender blocks it completely by default for their anti-phishing feature. Disabling it and then rebooting should help.

    I hope this helps.

  • This question was actually separate from my question about the sync between the plugin and the app. I got the update narropwed down to the active scan on access protection, and am finally working with bitdefender tech support on that issue. I at least know how to upgrade 1Password now.

    As for the sync problem, I will talk with them about this issue, as disabling the anti-phishing leaves ditdefender in an annoying state of alarm. Thanks for giving me something to work with them on.

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    Hi @robk,

    Please let me know how it turns out, we'll update the article with your information that'll help the other BitDefender users. It would be nice if you can provide screenshots as to how to configure them properly if you figured it out.

    Thank you!

  • I will let you know how it turns out. Still no work on my new support ticket, but BD customer service so far has been quite helpful, so I remain optimistic.

  • Bit defender tech support had me run some tests and gather some data, they tell me based on the log files I must:

    "Click on "Excluded files and folders" > Add the 1PasswordUpdater and
    1Password '.exe' files and make sure it's excluded for "both" on-access and
    "on-demand" scanning. "

    I cannot find anything that looks like the 1PasswordUpdater. I have all the .exe files already added, and I am still being blocked. Any suggestions from this end?

  • When 1Password updates itself, the updater is downloaded to a temporary location and excluding this from BD isn't easy. However, if you download the updater yourself (from here) then you should be able to exclude both the directory where the updater is and the directory where 1Password.exe is (probably C:\Program Files\1Password)

  • I went to the link from Stefan, downloaded 1Password-, and tried to run it. I get an error saying 1Password is already running, close all instances. I don't have any instances running, and all my web browsers are closed. I cannot seem to get the 1PasswordUpdater to appear at all. Anyone one have any thoughts what to try next?

  • On the topic of my other problem, getting the plug in to communicate back to the application, I disabled phishing protection, rebooted, and am not seeing the 1Password logins created in the plugin in the application. Is there something else I must do? I am still within my 30 day refund opportunity with BitDefender. Can anyone recommend AV software I should consider while using 1Password. I consider 1Password indispensable.

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    Hi @Robk,

    We hear a lot of great things about Microsoft's own malware tools such as the Microsoft Security Essentials and also Microsoft Defender.

    I know it's strange to look at Microsoft tools for security but they have learned a lot and have been making a huge amount of progress in that area, they're among the top fives often.

    Their tools are lightweight and free, I use them on all of the family computers, never had an issue with them and they've been virus free for a long time.

    If you disabled the anti-phishing protection, try to remove the extension from the web browser and reinstall it, see if it'll work better now.

  • @robk: can you please download version and try again? Thanks!

  • @robk: Windows 8 comes with a build-in anti-virus solution and it appears to be working great.

  • Yeah, I'm not switching to windows 8. I'm not impressed with the reviews, and I have a lot of work habits that Windows 7 facilitates nicely and makes me very efficient at getting stuff done.

    I read the reviews for MSE. Not impressed. It looks like Kapersky and Bitdefender are doing the best job at keeping the malware at bay based on current reviews. This is a laptop for my self employed job. Data integrity and up time is essential. I'll do some more research and see where I land.

    I tried to run the updater, and had to use the task manager to kill 1Password before it could run, but it then ran. Unfortunately, if it created the 1PasswordUpdate program file, it did so and deleted it to fast for me to set the exception in Bitdefender. I will just be grateful for the 30 day money back guarantee, and move on from bitdefender at this point. Their staff has been very helpful in general, but unable to help me gt 1Password running. That is a deal breaker for me. I love 1Password. I loved it enough that when I bought it several years ago, I bought it for the mac, PC and the whole family. Plus my ipad and iphone. Thanks for the help. At least both companies have actively made an effort, even if one of them failed.

    I am also extra glad it is not 1Password causing the problem. I don't know what I would do if I became so irritated I needed to quit using it.

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    Well, before giving up completely, I figured out how to get Bitdefender to stop yelling at me that I was undefended when turning off anti-phishing. This has led me to consider keeping it despite the fact customer service couldn't help get me there.

    1. Turn off anti-phishing.
    2. Turn off General Settings -> Configure Status Alerts -> Browser Security Status.
    3. Restart Computer.
    4. Re-install plugin.

    1Password is now working as intended. Any thoughts about giving up anti-phishing protection? I'm pretty smart about not clicking on phishing links in e-mail. I can't find out how it protects me anywhere. Is this an issue?

  • Oh yeah, still gotta get Bitdefender to allow for within app updating. That is still unresolved, but I can do it manually for now.

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    I'm not quite sure what they're doing with phishing considering that it's blocking legit websocket connections, which generally has nothing to do with phishing and web sockets should be a part of the firewall. So, I wouldn't dare to have any thoughts on it. As long as you're careful with outgoing connections with your firewall and not click on any links you didn't ask for, you should be okay.

  • Great thanks. I wish I could get an explanation for what that anti-phishing service was doing, but bit defender scores well in the antivirus/anti-malware tests, so I think I should be ok at this point. I am not even remotely a sucker for phishing schemes.

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    On behalf of Mike you are quite welcome. Please do let us know if there is anything else we can help with. Stay safe out there. :)

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