Synching / Linking PC, Mac Laptop and iPhone


I currently have the 1password program on my mac laptop and my iphone. I use pc computers at my office and needed another password program.

Are you able to synch / link all 3 of these different password programs together, even though they are running on 3 different types of devices and are different operating systems?

If yes, then how do I do this?

Not sure how this would all work, but would very much appreciate a detailed step by step solution before I purchase the 3rd software download for the pc.

My goal is to have my mac laptop, my iphone, and my office pc all linked / synched regarding the viewing, adding, and editing the 1password information as a single updateable database shared between all 3 devices.

It would be great to know if I can accomplish this or if it's not possible.

Thanks so much,



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    Hi @Davidj,

    Yes, this is possible by using Dropbox to sync your data on all of them. Your 1Password data file is basically the same data structure in all three apps, even if they're different. Dropbox simply sync the encrypted smaller items between all of them and each app will read it as is except for the iOS app, which will import it into its own internal structure and export it back in the same data structure when it syncs it back to Dropbox.

    This guide will explain how to do this.

  • I have to say using any cloud storage to hold/sync my entire set of passwords and other secure information is something that concerns me. Is there no other way to sync the data?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Michael,

    Your data is always encrypted on your disk, long before any cloud activity occurs. So, even if they break into Dropbox and copy your data, they can't get into it unless they know your master password. Guessing with computers will take centuries as long as you build a strong master password. You can learn more here.

    At the moment, because you use Windows, Dropbox is the only cross-platform sync solution available that fits our requirements. We're working on a USB sync tool but it's restricted to Mac. As soon as we're happy with the tool, we might work on the Windows version but there are no guarantees if it'll work, we'll do our best to get it to work.

    If there are any specific concerns you have, please let me know and I'll explain how we defend against that.

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