Problem with Helper when using RDP with multiple users

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First I need to explain the setup a little bit:
I have a windows 7 system which I use as Mediacenter server so the display is my TV
I also use it to login remotely via RDP not to anger the kids who might whatch there faivorit movie on the TV screen.

When I startup the system 1Password starts the 1 Password Helper (Agile1pAgent.exe) in the main login session (TV screen)
when I then try to use the browser plugin in the RDP session it cannot make a connection to the 1 Password Helper (priobably because it runs under a other user)
A workarround is killing the Agile1pAgent.exe process from the main login session (TV) and restarting it in the RDP session, but then the problem is shifted to the main login session (TV).
So my question is can I start one 1 Password Helper (Agile1pAgent.exe) which can serve both login accounts (TV and RDP)?

All help is appreciated


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    As far as I understand, the Helper is a user-level process, so it needs to be running under your specific user account. It is not possible right now to start it "globally", but I'll mention this to the developer.

    For now, I think you will need to [re]start the Helper from 1Password's Help menu, but I'll post back if I find out anything else.

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    I think there is a way to do this, and I've been discussing it with the developers. I can't give a time frame for a specific release, but it is on our radar (RM2946). Thanks again for mentioning this!

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