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First off, your own Safari plug in doesn't work with your own forum website here, which is pretty amusing.

Second. How can you justify tripling the price of the iOS 1Password v4 app over v3? v3 was priced at £4.99, a sum I was prepared to pay and what I thought reasonable, reasonable for me and reasonable for you. v4 is priced in the UK at £12.99!! An an entire O/S costs £13.99.

I have read your 'what's new' list and I question the decision whether you can really call v4 a new app. Of course the cynical amongst us might think you're just calling it 'new' to generate more income because you can't charge for upgrades in the App Store. I would be prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt on this point but not when you try to take advantage of me and think I'm a mug who will pay almost three times the price. There are reviews on the Store pointing out these same issues.

I'm not buying it. What is your intention for future support of v3?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing your response.


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    I am sorry you feel like this version is not up to what you think should equate to a new charge. I may be a moderator here, but I do not get paid for the time I spend and the reviews and points of view are my own.

    Firstly there were numerous posting here, the 1Password Blog, 1Password Newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook indicating there would be a change over sale it was at $7.99 US during that sale period.

    Future feature enhancements of 1Password 3 iOS is non existent it has been replaced in the app store by 1Password 4. It is no longer for sale, and can only be installed by visiting previous purchases.

    As to improvements, well lets see. It has the internal browser which allows filling login details, we finally have multiple URLs, iCloud syncing, social integration / sharing of information should it be necessary. Its a pretty substantial code re write, Dropbox syncing has been improved. They have added a USB sync tool to mitigate the loss of the wifi syncing.

    1Password 3 still functions and works appropriately, so you can continue to use it till you see a sale price that suits your needs.

    As to the Safari Extension, I use it to login each and every time I visit. Additionally the site is far newer and being worked on to tweak to agile's preferences.
    Currently go and fill will not work, but if you visit the site and click login and then use the extension to fill the details. It will log you in appropriately.

    If I purchased a copy for myself and the family at the current price. (aka his and hers) It would equates to $18.00 US total
    We each have an iPhone and an iPad for thats about $4.50 per device. not a bad price IMHO to pay for ease of having my passwords with me/us. I received the newsletter which indicated that the release was soon and to keep an eye out. Thus I was able to purchase it for $7.99

    Unfortunately We live in a society where a lot of people think apps must be free or that a developer cannot charge for a new update. This translates to the posts you saw in the app store. I personally have been bitten by the update bug. That being a developer pushed a big update to there app and the grace period for a free update was like a month after I had purchased a license. My options were stay where I was or pay the upgrade. I could have complained but it would have gotten me no where. I decided to stay where I was until such time as I needed the new enhancements (reading between the lines my wallet could afford the update :P ) It was a few months but this allowed the app to become more stable and any bugs be worked out.

    I am glad to pay for an update without updates there may be no future version of 1Password for Mac or Windows etc. What happens if they give and give and don't put funds back into the company. They may go out of business and we no longer have any development.

    In the last year 1Password has added a lot of support staff, they need to eat. It cost money to develop, buy new Machines to code for i.e. iPad mini, iPad 3 and so forth, iOS developer account, Mac Developer account. Internet bandwidth, servers to push updates for the store they run. There are so may various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows. Each requiring new purchases, development resources, marketing, design, not including failed time at coding and having to start over due to a mfg design change etc.

    I purchased 1Password for all of my family members over the previous few years. Below list included iOS and MAS *This list only includes whats currently still sitting in my mail history, there are other purchases. archived inside my 1Password app.

    6/16/11 1Password iOS aka Pro for $11.99
    9/9/11 1Password Mac App Store for $19.99
    11/26/11 1Password Mac App Store  for $24.99


    12/13/12 1Password 4 iOS for $7.99

    Thats not to say you should spend as much as I do, its just I believe in 1Password whole heart idly. Thats why I spend my free time here for free. Helping others.

    Just my 2¢ on the issue. I meant no disrespect in my reply, the wife sometimes tell me I come off wrong. So if thats the case please don't feel that way.

  • There is no offence taken here, I appreciate the time you have taken to pen an effusive response.

    But it's not $7.99, it's £12.99 and at today's exchange rate that makes it just over $20. I don't mind paying for software that is reasonably priced, I'm already on board the 1Password bandwagon. I just don't like it when a company takes the Michael.

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    True not now I just purchased popchart and the echange rate made it over $40 us for me :(

    Ouch then the bank chagrged $3 for intl transfer thru paypal.

    Keep an eye our for sales and promotions is the only idea I have. Sorry nothing better to offer from my end.

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    …your own Safari plug in doesn't work with your own forum website here…

    Sure it does. As you might imagine, I use it to log in every day. :)

    The direct URL to the login page here is:

    Just save a new Login item at that URL and you'll be all set. If you're still having trouble after saving a new Login item, please let me know some more details so I can better assist you. I would be more than happy to.

    How can you justify tripling the price of the iOS 1Password v4 app over v3?

    I'm not sure what the exchange rate is exactly, but there used to be three versions of 1Password 3 available on the App Store:

    • 1Password for iPhone: $9.99
    • 1Password for iPad: $9.99
    • 1Password Pro (universal for all iOS devices): $14.99

    The new app took over a year of development and was completely rewritten from the ground up. Not a single line of code or pixel remains from version 3. It is a universal iOS app priced at $17.99 which is nowhere near three times $14.99. You're certainly not required to purchase 1Password 4 for iOS, but we'd love a chance to demonstrate its value:

    Of course, we did have a month long launch sale of more than 50% OFF, and we just had another sale a couple weeks ago. There will be more sales as well. You can keep an eye out for the sales on our blog, Twitter, Facebook. If you prefer, you can just subscribe to our email newsletter and let the news of sales come to you.

    What is your intention for future support of v3?

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing your response.

    It is my pleasure. Please do let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


  • Hi,

    Once again thank you for the time you have taken to reply.

    I understand why you are quoting the US App Store, that's where you're based. But I'm referring specifically to the UK App Store, where you seem to have a large discrepancy between the price of 1Password v3 and 1Password v4. v3 was £4.99 and v4 is £13.99, so that is almost three times the price.

    I understand the developer sets the price, so what I'm suggesting is that you should re-visit the price you have chosen to set on the UK store.


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    You must be quoting a sale price. 1Password for iPhone and 1Password for iPad were separate, non-universal apps available on the UK App Store for £6.99. Comparing the price of one of those apps to the new 1Password 4 is apples and oranges since 1Password 4 is a universal app. The universal version 3 app, 1Password Pro, was £10.49. 1Password 4 is £12.99 which, as I mentioned above, is nowhere near triple the cost the previous universal app.

    Additionally, we don't actually set the price in international markets. Apple handles the exchange rate automatically based on the "Tier" that is selected (e.g. Tier 1 is 0.99, Tier 2 is 1.99, etc.). There is no provision to set a lower price in one market than another (once exchange rates have been taken into account).

    If you're happy with version 3, there is no need to upgrade. Otherwise, you may want to wait for a sale if you don't see the value in 1Password 4 at its regular price.

    I hope that helps you make an informed decision. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  • Khad, I was just trying to see if my 1Password 3 (had both the iPhone version and 1Password Pro for iPhone/iPad) will still show up using the instructions from this link:

    But I only see my 1Password 4 app as available to download (this computer doesn't sync with my idevice so a copy of 1P isn't on this computer). I dont' intend on using 1P 3, but feel better to know if I ever need to get v3 again.

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    @BiomedEngineer, please be sure to follow the steps in the FAQ carefully as they can make all the difference in many cases:

    I can’t find 1Password 3 for my older iOS devices, how do I download it?

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