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Thank you for 1password for iOS, but i am a little bit disappointed:
I just wanted to know why 1password on iOS dont get icons for some websites which have favicons ? i don't simply get it.

Favicon here:

Favicon here:

But i don't get any of theses (you can try !)

And it is like this for A LOT OF websites !!! Why 1passWord can't get the icon when i enter a new ID ?
I enter the website url, and for some, it works (google etc), for others it doesn't ?

The icon are just here websiteName/favicon.ico, so why ?

Once again, thank you :)


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    1Password 4 for iOS pulls its images from an image server which in turn is primarily just a cache of the icons the sites provide themselves. I'll check with the developers to see what might be happening in these instances.

  • Yes and odd that your own company's free version of Dashlane has loaded every single one without exception but the paid version of 1 password has only been able to load less than half of mine and I have tried everything! Turned icons off and back on, restarted both, synched multiple, rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled, re-connected on mac and iphone to websites (logins are fine) and more. Hope you can fix.

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    Yes and odd that your own company's free version of [another password manager]…

    We are not affiliated with any other password managers. We are AgileBits, makers of 1Password.

    If a site isn't displaying an icon in 1Password 4, there are a couple potential causes. The first and most obvious would be that it doesn't have an apple-touch-icon or favicon available.

    For sites that do have those images, it could still be a while before the image server goes and downloads the image. The way it works is that periodically, we run a script that gets the most frequently requested sites that returned anything other than 200 OK or 304 NOT MODIFIED and schedule those to be fetched. The idea is that as those sites are successfully fetched or fail permanently, they will then be served either their downloaded image or the default image. Then they will no longer be in that list of sites needing to be processed and we'll move down the list to the next most popular ones. So, for a relatively unknown site, the images aren't going to be downloaded for a very long time because there might be just one user that's requesting the site. You can extrapolate that to sites that might have a few hundred users that are also using 1Password, but it's still going to take a while for all the other more popular sites to get out of the way. So, just because a site has a great apple-touch-icon or favicon doesn't mean it should be showing up in 1Password yet. But it should in time.

    Something that could be helpful, though, is if you see a site that you can request at (where is the full domain of the site) and actually get an image returned but this site is the default image only but the site shows an icon when you add to home screen on iOS or it at least has a favicon. In this case, we may need to delete the reference that points this site's requests to the default image.

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