Cannot copy-paste auto-generated password

I would like to change my password for a site to a secure auto-generated password.
I can generate a secure password with 1Password, but the site does not allow me to paste a new password on the account change page.

Is there an alternative to writing the password down on a piece of paper and re-typing it.. twice ?


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    At this time, it is probably a lot easier to change a password using the desktop apps where you can fill Generated Passwords directly via the browser extensions even on sites that do not allow paste. We have a complete guide available:

    Changing a Login's Password

    That said, if you prefer to use your iOS device or are not syncing with 1Password on your desktop computer, you may be able to create a new Login item with the generated password and fill it on the password change page. I don't have high hopes for it working out well since you would need to fill both the old Login item with the existing password and the new Login item with the generated password on what would likely be the same page. My guess is that the password would be overwritten when you filled the second Login item, but it would depend on the site.

    Could you provide the URL? I'd love to take a look and see if there is an obvious solution on the specific site.

    I'll also make sure the developers are aware of this situation. My understanding is that there is a plan to bring the password generator to browser mode on iOS just like it is in the extension(s) on the desktop, but I can't give any details or a time frame right now.

  • It is the change password screen of PayPal (
    The screen requires entering the current password and the new password twice.

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    I would recommend just making the change on the desktop where you can use the browser extension to fill the Generated Password directly — no copy or paste necessary — as described in the aforelinked section of the User Guide.

    You can also force a web form to allow paste, but I don't think there is a way to use the bookmarklet to do so in 1Password's built-in browser, so it remains pretty fiddly if you are trying to copy and paste back and forth between 1Password and Mobile Safari.

    I think the password generator in the built-in browser on iOS will really help. I don't have a time frame for a specific release, but it is definitely on our radar. :)

  • ok, thanks.

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    My pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

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