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Could anyone point to a document clearly explaining the compatibility between iOS, OSX and Windows versions?

I've just bought the iPhone app, version 4.* and also installed the evaluation version 3.8.* for OSX. I have created an 1P storage on OSX and put some data there. Then I turned on syncing over Dropbox. The iOS app opened the storage created on OSX successfully. Then I was playing with iOS version and realized that it has more advanced editing facilities (for example, multiple sections with custom named fields, etc.). I liked that and, for instance, created the sort code field in the bank account record (previously it was in the notes fields because the iOS version 3.8.* has no a sort code field to edit).

Alas, all newly created fields from the iOS version ARE NOT visible in the OSX version. Such major mistiming between iOS and OSX version is rubbish! I liked the 1P app in general on OSX and purchased its iOS version to try the Dropbox sync, but now I have already paid for but cannot really switch from KeePass because I want to edit and SEE the same stuff on all 1P clients -- iOS and OSX.

Also Windows version is concern. It is still 1.*, so how can it cope with 1P storages created by iOS and OSX versions?

It is a mess, sorry.



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    Custom fields are a version 4 feature. 1Password 4 has only been released on iOS so far, so they are not yet supported on other platforms. They will be as soon as 1Password 4 is released on other platforms. I don't have a time frame that I can provide, but development is underway.

  • Can you confirm that whatever I create in newer versions (like 4.*) is only not visible in lower versions but doesn't get corrupted or vanished deliberately from the storage because of any sort of a format comparability concern? Because if it is only a viewing issue, I can cope with this just awaiting for the version 4 to appear on desktops but at the same time filling up the storage on iPhone using the version 4.

    Also, is the version 4 coming to Windows with as least approximately the same priority as for OSX? This question is important because it reasons whether I need to wait in the first place. I personally need them all syncing seamlessly: iOS, OSX and Windows (as it currently works with KeePass/X). But if the Windows version will not get custom fields in the reasonable time frame, I would consider different password manager having better compatibility across platforms, plus feel upset that I have already paid for the iOS version and cannot refund.

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    The integrity of the data is not the issue. The only issue is the [lack of] display of the new data in versions lower than 4. Version 3 just doesn't contain the code to display the custom fields.

    Unfortunately, I can't comment further on future plans beyond saying that the goal is feature parity across Mac and Windows. We have always preferred to let the software speak for itself rather than trying to lure people in with promises of future features. In fact, I'd never encourage anyone to purchase 1Password (or any product) based on claims of future features. On the contrary, I would advise you and others to always use the tool that meets your needs as best as possible today. If that's not 1Password for you at this time, then we will keep working hard in the hopes that one day it is.

    If you would like to pursue a refund for the iOS app, please email us so we can better assist you: [email protected] agilebits .com

    We stand behind our 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. I have passed your vote for this along to the developers and would be happy to pass any additional feedback to them as well.

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