Can't sync over iCloud (iPhone 5 - OS X 10.8.2)


I'm trying to sync over iCloud my 1password iPhone app with MAC 1password app. I have iCloud configured to sync Documents and I have the iPhone 1password app set to sync over iCloud only.
Even though I can see on the iPhone that the app is synchronising I still can't see any of my 1password entries from Mac.

What might have been an issue is that I have first bought/installed the 1password app on iPhone, set that up to sync over iCloud, then bought/installed the 1password for Mac. On this note, I've tried removing the app from iPhone, but it seems that action didn't destroyed the data of the application as when I've installed it back, it prompted me to unlock using the password which I've previously had.

So, not sure what I'm doing wrong, here. Could you please advice?

Thanks in advance!


  • After investigating a while on this I've realised that for whatever reason, the folder structure holding the 1pass application data on my Mac is not synchronised to iCloud, and that's the reason I couldn't sync via iCloud. Unfortunately I've moved the syncing over to DropBox which works flawlessly but it would still be wonderful if somebody could reply to this topic with a solution. Thanks!

  • Nice troubleshooting! Unfortunately, iCloud syncing is only currently available between iDevices. With the release of 1Password 4 for Mac, iCloud syncing will be enabled between OS X and iOS. As to when 1P4 on Mac will be released... don't ask @1Password on Twitter, as he/she might end up with a key glued in his/her lock! :-)

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    Haha! @bsparks is correct on all counts. iCloud syncing is a version 4 feature, but 1Password 4 has only been released for iOS so far. 1Password 4 for Mac will include iCloud syncing, but it has not been released just yet. Dropbox syncing works across all supported platforms and versions.

    If we can be of further assistance in the meantime, please let us know. We are always here to help!

  • Oh, and one other thing. I checked with @1Password, who kindly informed me that the gender neutral "it" should be used in reference to... it.

    So, the last sentence should end, " it might end up with a key glued in its lock."

    Sorry. Trauma from middle school English.

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    This totally made my day. Thanks for following up on this. :)

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