1Password Freezes & Locks up IE9


1Password locks up IE9 on Win7 64 with version When I press auto-fill, and select the password to fill in, the whole of IE locks up and "dings" if I click anywhere on it. The only wat to fix it is to go to task manager and kill the iExplore process.

This problem is so common for me now, that I have stopped using 1Password really - as I have lost completed things on other Tabs. I am a heavy user of tabs - and have read the other threads that talk about this problem being tab related, and list the problem as fixed in an earlier Beta - but it clearly isn't.

This happens on both my laptop and desktop. I followed the instructions about "factory resetting" IE, which was inconvenient - and it has had no effect at all.

1Password is effectively useless for me now, as I daren't press the key for auto-fill.



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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    You mention that you are a heavy user of tabs. The issue that I have in mind is actually related to tab usage. As far as I know this was resolved in 1.0.9-BETA-313.

    1. Open a site in first tab.
    2. Open a site in second tab.
    3. CTRL + \
    4. Enter Master Password.
    5. IE becomes unresponsive (i.e. CPU usage jumps up)

    Is that what you are seeing? Is there a reason you are not using Internet Explorer 10? I'd be interested to know if you could reproduce the problem in IE10. IE9 is the old version.


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