Available selections in pulldown box when editing login fields


I have a question regarding editing login entries in the 1PW main application.

If I click on an entry to interrogate a logins attributes and select <Edit>, I get a login dialogue box. In this box, if I double click an item in the lower frame e.g <username> or <password>, I get a login field dialogue box. If I then select the pulldown box labelled <Type>, I get a number of selections in particular "button" "checkbox" "select" & "radio".

I can't find any information within your help screens to explain what these are for. Can I use them to configure my entries for the more complicated login pages that have multiple fields and buttons ?



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    We don't recommend manually editing Login items unless it is part of diagnosing a problem with a specific site and you have ben instructed to do so by one us at AgileBits. The extensions record all the necessary information when you save a Login item in the browser. That is why you will see the warning when trying to create a Login item in the main app:

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