Please use DropBox app API rather than full dropbox permissions

The Dropbox API has the ability to use specific folders for each app. I would much rather 1Password use this API rather than request access to my entire Dropbox. I investigated a little and the key change seems to be changing AccessType to APP_FOLDER rather than DROPBOX.


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    That is correct. The new API was provided by Dropbox after Dropbox syncing had been implemented in 1Password across all platforms. The downside of the new API is that AFAIK it doesn't allow you to share the folder between multiple Dropbox accounts which many users love (along with the flexibility to store their data file where they choose). If/when we make the change it will require updates across all supported platforms not just Windows: Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone. It's not a simple undertaking, but I know it is something our developers are aware of. I'll make sure they get your vote for this. Thanks for your feedback!

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