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My husband works for a large corporation that to my knowledge employs only Windows based computers and company issued phones (not sure yet what kind of phone). Does 1Password have any enterprise based solutions for deployment or purchasing of your software?


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    I'm extremely sorry for the delayed reply, @glindsey. I thought I had already replied.

    We do not have an "enterprise based solution for deployment" — I can't say I'm 100% certain that I know what you mean by that — but some of our enterprise customers do accomplish this without our help: they run some logging software while our installer is running, and then have this logging software re-create a setup script for them. I believe WISE supports this.

    If you are interested in a large volume of licenses, or if you have more question about enterprise deployment, please email us so we can better assist you: [email protected] agilebits .com

    Thanks so much!

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