Work around for dialog boxes that don't accept copy / paste?

Long, difficult-even-to-retype passwords are good. But some dialog boxes don't accept pasted passwords. LIke, the dialog box in Disk Utility to change the password for an encrypted disk image. (Frustratingly, even Apple's own password generator in the dialog box will only paste into the first field, not the verification field.) I've also seen this in some web sites. Is there a utility that mimics pasting the clipboard by cleverly retyping it instead?


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    I don't think there is a workaround in those cases. Even utilities like TextExpander are blocked in those instances due to Secure Input used for all password fields. (And you really shouldn't be using a utility like TextExpander for passwords anyway since it isn't secure.) The best thing to do would be to use a pronounceable password or Diceware so you can have a strong password that is still easy to type if you are required to do so.

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    Actually, there is a utility called Keyboard Maestro which can do it. It does a LOT but one small piece of it is 'insert text by typing' which does the trick. Sadly, now that I got that far, when I try to change the password for the sparse image on my Time Capsule, it fails with 'permission denied.' Argh.

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    I'm surprised KM can fill in Secure Input fields... :/

  • Well, I ended up scrapping the current backup and doing it again with a better password. Interestingly, the dialog box to enter the password for a new backup can be pasted into. Go figure.

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