What does OS X Mavericks iCloud Keychain mean for 1Password?



  • I see a ton of posts all discussing iCloud - are people really assuming that iCloud is safe? I know that there could be some issues with Drop Box, but iCloud as it becomes more popular is likely going to have lots of people hacking it... DropBox being small, won't have all the resources, but they also won't have all the attention. As I understand, most of the reasons for iOS not having issues with virus problems has much more to do with the lack of interest of hackers, not the superiority of the OS.
    There also seems to be some question in my mind of "having all your eggs in one basket" - all your information through your iCloud account - vs having bits and pieces in multiple areas seems safer in the long run (sorry AgileBits - I don't use you app to store ALL my information - just some of it...)

  • Pluto6 said, "DropBox being small, won't have all the resources, but they also won't have all the attention."

    The way Forbes describe Dropbox it is not that small.

  • This was just a matter of time. Apple haven't ripped anyone off. It's not like it's a patentable idea. It's making their iCloud service better so good for them (and us)! Realistically, services such as Dropbox, Evernote, etc. could (surely quite easily) integrate password management in to their systems too.. infact I'd be surprised if there isn't an Evernote pass word extension out there. So, as I say, it was just a matter of time.

    The main thing here is that non-existing 1Password users wont see much incentive for buying additional software.. and existing 1Password users wont have to choose between installing 1Password and/or Mavericks password management. They'll have both offerings installed. No doubt that both will be trialled and one will tick more boxes than the other for different people. Of course, one being free and iOS Safari compatible is absolutely going to lower sales of 1Password (and future updates).

    Personally, I'm going to try to switch to the Mavericks password manager just to see how it goes. As far as I'm concerned, if it works it works. I use an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone - they NEED to be in sync with each other, seemlessly and no matter where I am or what I'm doing, or the whole thing fails. For this reason I think the Mavericks password manager will become my go-to.

    On the question of security - I have no concerns whatsoever. If someone wants to steal my money there are easier ways (i.e. mug me) than hacking a top-end security-focused digital system housed in the world's largest tech company. Plus, we'd all go down together so the idea of money would be pointless :)

    Willing to be proven wrong though but I think for that to happen AgileBits would need to sort their pricing out. Either a one-off fee for apps across all devices or a monthly subscription. After-all I'm paying for the service, not the software.

  • Hi.
    I'm confused .
    After purchasing 1P and use it some time , I wonder if I will continue to do so .
    Apple's iCloud Keychain will be launching soon , I can't decide if ill use it or 1P ?
    I'm a single home user , no need to auto lock Apps,
    Apple gives me ease of use in a multiple devices .
    I don't fill credit cards at all . i use NOT to install unnecessary APPS , the build in OSX Apps is preferred !

    Can someone advise me what to do ?


  • Can someone advise me please ?

  • There are still sites that Safari will not save your log in info or autofill the info after you've manually entered it. I just tried it on a financial site I use frequently but it didn't work even though I had it set to override the web site's settings.1Password almost always picks this up and is still useable across all your devices as well as on other browsers and computers. The new iCloud keychain syncing adds a lot of convenience but as I've just seen it won't work on all sites, I'm not sure why that occurs, but that has me convinced that it's not a replacement for 1Password.

    In addition, for me I have more than one iCloud account so on some of my devices the passwords won't sync but 1Password is still available to me on those devices.

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    @notacustomerforlong @ronen @pluto6

    iCloud keychain offers just a small number of features. Its just storing weblogins in Safari, and here not all of them are possible to store. It doesnt offer a good password manager tool like 1P. No support for Chrome, Firefox etc. it doesnt store PIN-Number for Creditcards, no secure notes, no license keys, no attachaments or notes for weblogins ... So if you only store simple weblogins and use only safari - then it might be enough. But 1P is way more than just that.

    For the upgrade and extra costs: 1password offered free upgrades since years - the SW quality was all the time great. Its not really fair to expect lifetime free upgrade for all new features. Its normal that Software gets out of life cycle sometimes. No developer company could afford that. (Or do you expect Microsoft offers free Upgrade to Windows 8 if you own a Windows 3.11 license?). (btw: That 1PW 3 isnt working with Dropbox any more is not 1Ps fault)

    About iCloud Keychain: you can use it together with 1P - 1P is watching the entered passwords (even when they have been entered by icloud) - in case the entered userdata differes 1P asks for update its keychain. So you have them both and comfortable to use. And yeah it works great

  • Thanks.
    Can I say that 1P includes all websites addresses in one "place" , so no need to have lots of favourites ?

  • @ronan sorry, what do mean? "Includes all websites address"? "Favorites"? Don't understand your question

  • I'm using lots of websites , instead of adding them to my safari's Faforits , I open every website with 1p browser extension .
    The browser extension includes all website addresses .so I don't need any safari's Faforits at all.

  • @ronen if you use 1Password for that you are going to love 1Password 4 for Mac a lot more. There is 1PW mini - which is always in accessible in menu bar - system wide - and it offers easy search for logins and open it in browser directly - even when browser is not open it will start it

  • Thank you.

  • Mavericks and Keychain will have zero impact for me with 1PW. I use 1PW for storing loads of information, way beyond website logins and credit card info (the latter I'd be less inclined to have in my keychain). I suspect logins accounts for 20% of the info I have in 1PW and I only store that because it can. The rest of the info I need to be able see when I choose to access it for whatever reason, banking telephone PINS, passport numbers, router log-ins, secure notes etc etc, all of which Keychain cannot cater for.

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