Duplicate autosave bars in Chrome for Windows

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I've had a problem with the black bar that appear on top of a web page that says 'would you like 1password to save this password'

I installed the chrome extension when I installed 1password. When the problem started, I thought I should make sure i was using the most recent version of Chrome so I then updated to Version 27.0.1453.116 m

problem still occurred.

Then I disabled all extensions, restarted chrome, and enabled only the 1password extension.

the black bar that says 'would you like to save this Login in 1password" at the top of my page will not go away on many sites. on some sites, it does.

clicking save multiple times does not make the black bar go away, but it does create multiple entries of the log in. It obscures parts of the web page I need to see.

Sometimes the black bar appears to scroll down into place on the web browser window multiple times.

clicking the X does nothing

Please help, I am using the 30 day free trial. So far have found this frustrating. this seems to be a fatal flaw for my use and I will have to find another program if it can't be solved.


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    We just released a new beta version of the 1Password Chrome extension: 3.9.18.BETA-2. Please try installing it and let me know if you are still having trouble.

    Before you install the beta extension you will need to remove the existing extension from Chrome first.

    1Password Chrome extension BETA

    Note also that you will have to install the beta version in a different manner than the the stable version. Follow the instructions on the download page which list the steps and provide screenshots. The steps include dragging the CRX file from Windows Explorer onto Chrome's extension list.

    Or if you prefer to stick to the stable channel, you can just sit tight. It will be resolved in an automatic update to the stable channel eventually without you needing to do anything. :)

  • thanks!

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