New Chrome issue - can't "save" on some sites

When the 1Password bar appears asking if I want to save a password for that site, I can't click "save." Never had this issue and have been with 1Password for years so this is a new and annoying problem. Doesn't happen with all sites, seems to be the ones that already have a password saved in the program. Anybody else having this issue? It's happening on all my Macs.


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    My guess is that you are seeing duplicate autosave bars, so when you click "Save" it is actually saving. However another bar is hidden underneath, so it appears that nothing happened when the first one goes away.

    This is resolved in the latest beta version of the 1Password exension, and you can switch to the beta channel for the extension by following the instructions in my post here:

    How To: Switch to the 1Password Chrome extension BETA channel

    That will put you in the beta channel, so you will always get beta updates. But you can switch back to the stable channel at any time by removing the beta extension and reinstalling the stable version like you did the first time.

    Or you can just sit tight and wait for the fix to be released in the stable channel. I don't have a time frame, but even if you do nothing you will eventually receive the fix in an automatic update.

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