"+" not consistently working in Firefox Extension

If I'm on a new site and click "+", to create a new password or input my existing credentials, often nothing happens. If I'm on your site, it works. If I'm on another site, like delta.com, or americanexpress.com, it doesn't. Any thoughts?


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    Can you confirm for me that you are filling out the form before clicking the + button? When you click it, 1Password creates a new Login item based on the data you have filled into the form. If the form is blank then nothing can be saved.

    It is working well in all my testing on those sites. Could that be the issue in your case?

  • I am having the same problem with two web sites so far (https://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=logi&hsuc=&fram=&uurl=qscr=info&&ussl=&uact=4&slgn=&zz=1372957207888, and https://www.msacct.org/member/login.php?cms_category_id=20). It is almost like I have exceeded the number of passwords that can be stored on 1Password. Can you help?

    I am filling out the form before clicking the + button. 1Password just does not respond.

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    I am seeing the same thing on the first URL. Thanks for passing it along! We'll look into this.

    However, manually saving a Login via the + button on the msacct.org URL is working well in my testing. What versions of Firefox and the 1Password Firefox extension are you using?

    Both are working fine in Safari for me if you need a quick workaround for now.

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