Agile1pAgent.exe establishing https connection to

I look at my just-booted win8 system using nirsoft currports and I see a suspicious thing:

||Process Name ||Process ID ||Protocol ||Local Port ||Local Port Name ||Local Address ||Remote Port ||Remote Port Name ||Remote Address ||Remote Host Name ||State ||Process Path ||Product Name ||File Description ||File Version ||Company ||Process Created On ||User Name ||Process Services ||Process Attributes ||Added On ||Module Filename ||Remote IP Country ||Window Title||

|Agile1pAgent.exe|5608|TCP|49254| ||443|https|||Established|R:\Program Files (x86)\1Password\Agile1pAgent.exe|1Password|1Password||AgileBits|4/07/2013 6:56:30 PM|Gorgon\bob| |A|4/07/2013 6:57:01 PM| |United Kingdom| |

why is Agile1pAgent.exe establishing https connection to


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    There is no need for alarm. You saved a Login for that site or for a site which references that URL. 1Password is trying to download the site's icon. You can disable "Automatically download icons for new Logins" on the Logins tab in preferences if you don't want them downloaded. :)

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