Can't logon using 1Password on Silverlight

I can't logon using 1Password on Silverlight for example


  • svondutchsvondutch

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    Assuming you're running IE, have you tried to turn on Auto-Type for this specific login?

  • I'm using chrome

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Unfortunately, Silverlight is the same as Flash in this regard. From the User Guide:

    As far as we know, no browser password manager anywhere supports Flash-based sites because Flash is a proprietary solution. At this time, Adobe does not offer interface tools for developers to plug into Flash in the way that 1Password and other form fillers require.

    After working with a Flash consultant and reviewing the latest APIs provided by Adobe we found it is still not possible unless websites modify their code to allow it.

    Most websites realize the problems with using Flash and provide a standard HTML login page as well. If you cannot find one, the only workaround is to save the username and password in 1Password, then open the 1Password extension when you visit the site, click the right arrow, and copy and paste your password.

    That said, you could try filling it via Auto-Type in the main 1Password application:

    Using the auto-type feature

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