Password Generator doesn't store passwords in password history if I copy them

The Password Generator's Fill button is only usefull if the password fields are standard fields. In my case more often the fields are non-standard so I need to copy and paste the password into the right field. Unfortunately if I do so the passwords do not land in the password history ... which is annoying at best but right now this would have prevented some medium hazzle.


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    That's correct, @Leightweight. I'm sorry for any confusion or trouble this has caused. A Generated Password item is created each time you click the "Save" button in the generator (within the app) or the "Fill" button in the generator within the browser extension.

    Hundreds/thousands of passwords are generated each time you adjust a slider. And there is a new random one ever time you open extension as well. If every password that was generated was saved, your history would be a never-ending sea of unused generated passwords which wouldn't really be very useful.

    I would recommend saving a generated password first (by clicking the "Fill" button) before copying it to the clipboard and using it somewhere. You can then click the "View password history" button and copy the password from it's details view.

    If you're having trouble filling generated passwords on a specific site, we'd love to know the URL so we can improve things. Please let me know. :)


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