New Agile Keychain with more PBKDF2 iterations?

I have been using 1Password for a long time and with the newer versions and upgraded MAC computer, I was wondering whether it was advisable to "start over" with a new 1Password file. This would allow a new Agile Keychain with more
PBKDF2 iterations to be created with the new master password. Thoughts?


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    Please note that that making a small improvement to your Master Password (i.e. adding just a single character) has a far far greater effect than making a large increase in the number of PBKDF2 iterations. However, making such a Master Password change in 1Password 3.8.21 increases PBKDF2 iterations from 1000 to 10000 if necessary, so you'll kill two birds with one stone. :)

  • Thank you. Fully appreciate the need for a good passphrase. Will upgrading to the App Store version, 3.9.6, also updat ethe PBKDF2 iterations, and if so, to the 10000 level as well? Thanks again!

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    Merely switching to the essentially identical 3.9.6 version of 1Password from the Mac App Store will not change the PBKDF2 iterations, but the procedure is similar in 3.9.6: change your Master Password. All versions of 1Password for Mac from the Mac App Store (MAS) calibrate the number of PBKDF2 iteration on initial set up and on Master Password change. A minimum of 10000 iterations is used.

    You can read more in our blog post here (especially the last section):

    On hashcat and strong Master Passwords as your best protection

    I hope that helps. Please let me know. :)


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