How do I ... get here?

I'd like to create a 1P4 login that leads me from not-here, not-logged-in-here, to this particular forum (1Password 4 for Mac (Beta)), logged in, but I can't figure it out: the modal pop-over login screen seems to forget the originally requested URL. Is there a way?


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    Unfortunately, because the forum requires you to click on the Sign in button first before you can log in, there isn't a fast automated way to login to this specific forum. You have to first click on it before asking 1Password to fill in. After that, you can visit this forum on the bottom of the page.

    However, 1Password's autosave shouldn't forget the URL. Open the main 1Password app, locate your Login item for this forum, and look at its details, does it have the username/password, and the website URL?

    Please let me know.


  • They are recorded, yes. I have a "website" for "forum.agilebits" (the regular forum), and a "website 2" for "discussions.agilebits" (the Beta4 forum). Your path (log in, reaching forum list; find Beta4 at bottom of screen) is better than any sequence I've found; thanks.

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    Hi @jackr,

    That's great and you're welcome!

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