Master Password Synchronisation

Having used a relatively simple password for my initial trial of 1Password, I've just changed it on my work PC (Dropbox Synchronisation).

For about 5-10 minutes, my iPad would happily unlock with the old password, however much I manually synched, cancelled the app, locked, etc. Eventually it worked with the new password and not the old.

Now I've just tried it on my home PC, and again, it's not accepting the new password.

I know changing the master password isn't recommended, but how can you enforce a synchronise in this case? There doesn't appear to be an issue with Dropbox (I once had problems when DB was full and individual passwords weren't synchronising).



  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I'm sorry that you are having some trouble, @philipbowman. I would recommend making the change in 1Password for Windows, waiting for Dropbox to finish syncing on Windows, then opening 1Password on your iOS device. Make sure 1Password has completely finished syncing via Dropbox on your iOS device, then lock 1Password for iOS. The new Master Password should be in effect everywhere.

    If you're still having trouble, you can check the state of things in 1PasswordAnywhere which may give us a clue.

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