How To: Use passwords in other iOS apps

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How do you set up 1 Password to open the application located in the icon that is located on my iPad or iPhone when this icon doesn't show the web address?


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    I'm not certain that I understand what you're asking, @thelatimers. Could you please provide some more details about what it is you are trying to accomplish? With some additional information I'm sure we can then provide you with specific assistance.


  • I have 1 PW installed on my iPad. I also have apps that I purchased from the App Store. How do I set the 1 PW username and password when the app's web address is not shown in the app? I know I can put in the username and password. But I can't access the app from 1PW without the web address.

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    1Password has a built-in browser for automatically filling in web forms to log in to websites, but for naive apps you will need to copy and paste the password. Apple does not allow any third party apps (including 1Password) to integrate with any other third party apps.

    Fortunately 1Password makes even copying and pasting easier:

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


  • No thanks you. Have a great day.

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    Always happy to help. I'm glad that did the trick.

    Best regards!

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