Wi-Fi Sync Guide

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Welcome to the new wi-fi sync and thank you for helping us test this. To get started, you will need the following:

Now that you've got the prerequisites sorted, you're ready to begin.

On your Mac, open 1Password 4 beta and use the Window > Wi-Fi Sync menu option.

Wi-Fi Sync menu option

You can also type ⌘9 to open the Wi-Fi Sync window.

Wi-Fi Sync window

Now you're ready to switch to the iOS side of this equation.

Open 1Password 4 beta and tap Settings > Sync > Wi-Fi Sync.

Tab Bar: Settings

Settings: Sync

Settings: Sync: Wi-Fi Sync

1Password will display a list of available sync targets, by computer name. You'll see something like this:

Wi-Fi Sync List

Next, tap the name of the Mac with which you'll be syncing your 1Password data.

Wi-Fi Sync Target

You can see in the above screenshot that the Secret has not been set, so the next step is to enter the secret that is displayed by 1Password 4 beta on your Mac.

Wi-Fi Sync Secret

Wi-Fi Sync Secret

Finally, tap the Sync Now button.

Wi-Fi Sync Now

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