Dropbox Sync / Hang / Crash

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Is this bug reproducible?

Which devices did this bug appear on and is it reproducible on any devices?
iPhone iOS 7 GM. Cannot Duplicate

A quick summary of the bug:
I had to restore my phone (when updating to iOS 7 GM) Before I restored I had the data backed up to iCloud and Drop Box.
After restoring I launched the hockey app and re-downloaded the app. When I opened it, I went into the app, changed my master password and went back to the home screen and saw that there was a "!" next to sync, there was an error with drop box (please see screenshot) after trying to turn off drop box sync the app froze, I wasn't able to do anything, from multi tasking it was showing a double status bar, when I opened the app again from multi tasking the double status bar stayed there, and the whole thing was frozen. I was not able to double click the home button to return to multi tasking or go to the home screen. After about 2 minutes it finally let me close the app and re-boot. I have attached screen shots of the drop box error detail, the double status bar shots, and the crashlog for the crash.

Detailed Step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it: did not try to re-produce because I didn't want to restore the phone again.

Please check the support email for the download link (I didn't want to post it publicly here, I wasn't sure if any personal information is in the crash report or the dropbox error details)

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