Feature Request - Predictive/smart sort for Fill and Submit options

Frequently I have multiple logins associated with one web domain. When I use 1Password to fill the login information, I often have to scroll down multiple times to get the login I want even though it's the one I use nearly all the time.

As an example, I have multiple Amazon accounts: a U.S. account, a Canadian account, 4 AWS accounts, and a few others. (10 in total)
The most frequent account that I log into is 8th in the list when sorted alphabetically. The second most frequest is 3rd. If 1Password kept track of how frequently I use these logins, it could put the most frequent at the top and save me an awful lot of key tapping.

At present I have to stick awkward numbers into the title for these Logins just to force the sort.


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I’ll pass your feature request along to the developers. Thanks for your feedback! :D

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